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Customer Service

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What are Front Row Manilow Auctions?
FrontRowManilow.com is the official auction website for users to bid on front row tickets to Barry Manilow shows. We obtain front row tickets for various Manilow shows and pass the opportunity along to you.
How many times may I bid in an auction?
You can bid as many times as you'd like in a given auction as long as your subsequent bids are higher than both the current minimum bid and your previous bid.
Can I cancel my bid?

Once a bid has been submitted, it may not be cancelled. According to FrontRowManilow Auction Terms, once your bid has been submitted, you are required to make payment if it is a winning bid at the end of the auction.

When and how much will my credit card be charged?
If you submit a bid, you will not be required to enter credit card information unless you have a winning bid. If you select Buy It Now, you will be charged immediately. There is no charge for participating in an auction that you do not win. Your card will only be charged if you have a winning bid at the close of the auction. Your card will be charged the full amount of your bid per ticket times the number of tickets you bid on (ie, if you bid $300 per ticket and bid on 4 tickets, your card would be charged $1200).
How do I bid in an auction?
In order to bid in a FrontRowManilow auction, you must select the Manilow show that you wish to attend from the homepage. Each auction has detailed information regarding show location, times, and other important concert information. On that same page, you can select the number of tickets that you would like to purchase, and the per ticket price that you would like to bid. You will then be required to register (or login) with the site, allowing you to place and confirm your bid. In the member's homepage, you will be able to monitor your bid status and increase your bid before the auction ends. When you place your bid, your account information is gathered. However, you won't be required to enter your credit card information until you win the auction.
How are FrontRowManilow Auctions different from other online auctions?
FrontRowManilow Auctions are different from any other auction site. We obtain the front row tickets of Manilow shows, and pass the opportunity along to you. And rather than bidding on a specific group or section, you are bidding for a specific number of tickets within the 1st row. Auction winners will be placed within the first row, with seats randomly assigned.
May I sell my tickets through FrontRowManilow Auctions?
At this time FrontRowManilow.com is not set-up to sell tickets from users.
How many tickets may I bid on?
Each auction has a different number of maximum tickets that you may bid on. This information is easily visible on each auction page. You cannot have more than one valid bid for each auction that uses the same credit card number or FrontRowManilow member account. We reserve the right to invalidate bids if users attempt to obtain more than the stated maximum.
What are Ticket Groups?
A Ticket Group is a group of tickets that are available to bid on in a given auction at a given venue. For all of FrontRowManilow Auctions, the ticket group is the 1st row. If you place a winning bid, your seats will be distributed within the ticket group based upon winning bid amount. We will make every effort to put the highest bids in the centermost seats. However, this is not guaranteed and we do not take requests.
How do I know where my seats are located?
All winning bids at the end of the auction will receive the quantity of tickets that were selected when you placed a bid on the auction. While all winning tickets will be placed within the 1st row, we can not guarantee where your tickets will be or will there will be relative to other winning tickets. You will receive your tickets in the mail 2 -3 weeks after auction closing, and those tickets will have specific seat locations.
Can I change my address, contact information or credit card once I've submitted my bid?
How do I obtain accessible seats?
Front row seats are not typically accessible for the physically challenged. However, Ticketmaster and other ticket vendors do offer accessible seat tickets. Please contact these vendors with further questions.
What charges will I incur in addition to my bid amount per ticket?
A processing and shipping charge of $15.
Where can I find all my FrontRowManilow Auction bids?
You can view all the information about current bids by logging into your account and clicking on "Your bids" located within the Control Panel of the member home.
How do I know if I won?
All bidders will be receive an email soon after the auction closes that will notify you of your status. If you won and we are having problems processing your payment or there is a question regarding the validity of your bid, we will email you with details on how to resolve the discrepancies.
When will I receive my tickets?
The tickets will ship approximately 2 – 3 weeks after auction closes.


Multiple bids prohibited

In this auction, you cannot have more than one valid bid at a time using the same credit card number or Front Row account.

No cancellations
Once you submit a bid, you may not cancel or revoke it. However, you may increase your bid at any time before the auction ends.
If you have a valid winning bid when the auction ends, you agree to pay, and your credit card will be charged

a per ticket price equal to the amount of your winning bid
 -a per-order shipping fee

The auction is also subject to the Auction Terms which shall be considered part of the auction rules.